JOHANNESBURG – Online store Takealot is expected to lose out on millions as 346 Springbok fans walk away with free television sets.As part of their “#backthebucks campaign the website promised shoppers a full refund on selected Samsung TVs, should the Boks bring home the trophy.We #BacktheBucks all the way!— takealot (@TAKEALOT) October 31, 2019Following a 32 -12 victory on Saturday against England, the company will dole out R4 million in reimbursements.The champs are bringing home gold! Congrats Bokke!— takealot (@TAKEALOT) November 2, 2019Chief marketing officer Julie-Anne Walsh said over 400 TVs were purchased over the course of the promotion.“We were hoping against hope for a win and we backed the boys all the way in the green and gold and we were ecstatic to bring some positivity and give something back to our TV buyers – and there are 346 of them who are completely elated at getting their TV refunded in their totality.”