CAPE TOWN – South African sprinter and national record holder Carina Horn believes her name will be cleared soon after she was provisionally suspended for the alleged use of a banned substance.In September, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)’s athletics integrity unit confirmed the provisional suspension of Horn.According to the unit, there was the presence of prohibited substances, Ibutamoren and LGD-4033, in her system.In an exclusive interview with **EWN Sport **on Friday, she denied taking the banned substances, saying she was not guilty of any wrongdoing.Horn has lashed out at Athletics South Africa for not providing much-needed support to prove her innocence.“My agent called me the other day – a week ago to say the IAAF announced the new list for the top athletes in the world, they didn’t take off my name – my name is still on the list, which means they know half of my story – they know I’m innocent,” said Horn.“It’s good for me that my name is still on the list by IAAF. In the supplement, they find that my levels were so low they can’t detect it at the labs. So, I had to pay extra to re-test it with a new method where you detect low level that was found in my urine.“What I find strange is that there was a Jamaican athlete I think it was Briana Williams her association helped her and a few weeks later there was Netherlands girl same her federation helped her because she got a jail punishment.”**EWN **has tried to contact Athletics South Africa for comment but was directed to South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport who was not available.