JOHANNESBURG – Cricket South Africa (CSA) has been forced to apologize to sponsors Momentum after controversial tweets posted by non-executive board member Dr. Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw.

Following the announcement from Momentum on Tuesday that they would not renew their sponsorship of One Day Cricket but would remain title sponsors of the Women’s National team, Kula-Ameyaw questioned the decision along with their commitment to transformation.

In now-deleted tweets, she said,” Momentum forgets that we invest hundreds of millions in Momentum in our SOE and pension funds. I remember asking for the BBBEE certificate in my other board. Just check before you make an irrational decision.”

Following the outrage, CSA sent an apology for the “unfortunate and unwarranted tweets”, which acting President Beresford Williams pointed out where made in her personal capacity.

“Cricket South Africa (CSA) sincerely apologises to Momentum for the unfortunate and unwarranted tweets made by one of our Board Members, in her personal capacity,” Williams said. “CSA wishes to reiterate that Dr Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw did not act in her professional position as a non-executive board member of CSA”.

Despite the pull-out of their sponsorship, Williams pointed out the importance of Momentum’s role for the game of cricket in South Africa.

“While we respect the personal views of all South Africans, CSA wishes to distance itself from the articulations made by Dr Kula-Ameyaw on Twitter. We further wish to reiterate that CSA does not ascribe to the views expressed regarding Momentum and we sincerely value the benefits Momentum and all our sponsors bring in making cricket accessible and inclusive for all South Africans.”

He added, “We thank Momentum for the substantial contributions they have made towards cricket upliftment and the milestones we achieved through their sponsorship and we assure them, that we will continue to build on the successes to grow and develop the game of cricket even further,” concluded Williams.

Kula-Ameyaw’s matter has now been referred to the Social and Ethics Committee and CSA says, “once all internal processes have been completed, the necessary corrective action will be taken”.

They will also be re-educating all its internal stakeholders on a better understanding of its Social Media Policy and ensure employees across all levels understand the value afforded by sponsors and supporters.