When there’s an international break, we get desperate, so we dwell on the moves we’ve made in the FPL so far, and debate the mistakes and party trains we’ve missed.Last week, had its ups and downs for our EWN Sport Fantasy Football team. Wesley Petersen, Ashley Muller and Adrian Ephraim lamented average GW points in the mid-50s, while Mitch Matyana and Jason Bechervaise received a healthy return in the high 60s.There’s a lot to think about during this international break, and Petersen presented us with an interesting stat. See if you can guess the answer: Which team in the EPL has conceded the most shots?Muller also has a trivia question for us. Which team had the most game week transfers this past week?We’re never short of a dumb question from Ephraim, and this week he asks for some advice for someone who is adulting and can’t find the time to watch as many matches as he should? Is there a cheat sheet, or sites he absolutely has to follow to make the right plays in FPL?If you’re a manager in our EWN Sport Fantasy Football League, make contact with us on EWNSport@primedia.co.za. We’d love to hear from you.You can still join our league using this code: 1y5yf9Listen to the full podcast.EWN Sport Fantasy Football: IBS Special