JOHANNESBURG – Kaizer Chief marketing director Jessica Motaung has confirmed club are exploring the possibility of starting a women’s team.She made the comments at a media briefing on Thursday after attending CAF Women’s Football Strategy Taskforce Workshop in Cairo during the international break.At the conference, Fifa’s Chief Officer for Women’s Football Sarai Bareman urged the Soweto club to start a women’s team and now Motaung has confirmed they are in the initial stages of investigating how viable an option it is.“People have bantered about starting a team, but this is something you don’t do lightly,” she said.“You have to look at dealing with children and development… academies, it’s important. Girls and women have different needs. For me, it’s important for us to do a complete analysis. In fact, what I am currently doing is putting together a task force with people who have been in the game before”.Reflecting on how the workshop has helped her in exploring the idea of starting a women’s team, Motaung admits she has been looking at other clubs’ case studies on how they have created a women’s team.“It’s something that you want to do properly, with the right systems. The girls’ football cycle might be different from the male cycle. There are different needs. Even on the continent, there are needs in terms of security and other things that parents are worried about in terms of having their girls play football.“If you are going to do it, you have to do it right. I don’t think it’s something that you have to rush. You have to look at facilities, different partners and sponsors who come with a different flair and also relate to the female consumer and female player. For me, it’s something we have to plan and do strategically and do well”.With the SA Football Association having launched the amateur women’s league at the beginning of the season, Motaung admits they are ‘observing’ it to help them in making a final decision on a women’s team.“It is exciting that the initiatives are there but it’s important to take the learnings, talk to people and understand where the opportunities are. At some point, I do believe, it’s critical that we do have a professional football’s league”.She further adds that this can only be helped by the “need to decide what our vision about South African football, South African sport is”.