JOHANNESBURG – Jose Ferreira has poured cold water on speculation that Bidvest could become the title sponsor for the premiership.

Absa ended their association with the league at the end of the season after a 16-year relationship.

They cited the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason, saying it had put considerable strain on sports sponsorship around the world, with advertising and sponsorships falling rapidly.

Speaking to the SA Football Journalist Association, Ferreira gave an update on the Premier Soccer League (PSL) executive committee’s search for a sponsor.

“I have absolutely no knowledge of that, either from the Bidvest side of the PSL side, that Bidvest would in any way or form be involved as a sponsor of the league. I have no knowledge of it and to tell you the truth I don’t expect that to be the case. But obviously things can change but I have no knowledge of it,” he said.

Ferreira, who is a member of the PSL’s exco, has also admitted that the league must find a balance when it comes to the approval of status selling.

Highlands Park is the latest club who want to shut up shop, with TS Galaxy’s Tim Sukuzi in talks with their owners.

Ferreira says the coronavirus pandemic will have a role to play in a number of teams wanting to sell.

Using the example of Wits sale, Ferreira said, “a lot of clubs over the last few years have found themselves in financial difficulties. The economic climate has not made it is easy and I think we were at the stage, as an Exco, where things were going to get more difficult in terms of the sale of franchises than before, hence me saying we were trying to strike that battle”.

On the pandemic’s effect on football finances, Ferreira said, “right now we find a lot more sales of football clubs than in the past but I think that’s the reality that we find ourselves in in the country”.

“If exco doesn’t approve some of those sales, you’ll find that clubs are going to close shop. So we have to try and strike that balance. Its increasingly difficult to do so in this current economic climate but we have to be sensible about things and make the right decisions at the right time. Right now, that is the reality of the situation”.