LONDON – Selena Gomez thinks Instagram is destroying people because it causes a lot of pressure to conform.The 27-year-old singer – who is one of the most-followed people on the platform, with 167 million watching her posts – thinks the photo-app has put a lot of pressure on people to conform and not celebrate what makes them unique.Asked if she could push a button and get rid of Instagram entirely, would she do it, she told _Dazed _magazine: “I think I’d have a lot of people not liking me for saying yes. If I could find a balanced, happy medium that would be great, but I would be lying if I said that it isn’t destroying some of my generation, their identity. It’s a huge part of why I named my album _Rare _- because there’s so much pressure to look the same as everyone else.”The Lose You To Love Me hitmaker decided to take a two-year break from Instagram and Twitter in 2018 and she admitted it was scary returning to social media at first and she’s now decided to just stick to short bursts of usage.She added: “It was scary going back on – the first four days I was like, ‘No, there’s no way I can do this.’ What I do now is to only go on it when I feel like I need to, and then I’ll just log off, I won’t take time to explore or look at anything else.”Gomez recently admitted she felt much happier when she wasn’t using social media.She said: “When I was out of social media, I was so much happier with just me, myself, how I looked, and that helped a lot. I just needed to let my old self go. I was purging multiple different things, but it was specifically who I was then.”