CAPE TOWN – Athletics South Africa (ASA) president Aleck Skhosana believes he’s the best candidate to steer the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) ship forward.Last week, ASA announced Skhosana as their candidate to contest the position of president of Sascoc and believes he will be the ideal person to lead a new and enthusiastic board.Skhosana believes Sascoc needs a turn around strategy and change with long term planning going forward.“One of the essential things that Sascoc must do, it’s a must, is to change the way they operate and change the way they treat athletes, membership, coaches in order for them to deliver,” said Skhosana.“Sascoc needs to support the athletes and coaches and to have a long term plan. In 2024, 2028, 2032 and 2036 there will be Olympics – we don’t have to wait and thumbsuck who’s going to represent us. We must be able to work with federations and coaches and put systems and models in place that are going to be supported financially and psychological. We need to rise and be the best nation in Africa and be able to challenge the United States of America, Kenya, Jamaica and all other nations.”He said great leadership that would listen to people is needed.“We need leadership that is listening to the people, leadership that is transparent, leadership that has got integrity and that understand that we are dealing with the brand that has image and reputation,” said Skhosana.“We need a collective leadership that is not invested in fighting based on personalities, the fighting must be about supporting the athletes and coaches so that they can fly the flag of South Africa.”Skhosana said things that were said in the Judge [Ralph] Zulman Commission must be 2018, retired Zulman had an inquiry into allegations of misconduct at Sascoc.The inquiry leader, who had assistance from labour lawyer Shamima Gaibie and former sports administrator Ali Bacher, listed a host of problems at Sascoc starting with the board.“There are a lot of things that were identified by the Zulman Commission of inquiry, which needs to be implemented so that Sascoc can be cleansed and be an organisation that be can be trusted by government, by national lottery and by the private sector as well athletes and all that,” he said.“I believe in great men and women who are coming from different federations not only myself, if those people can be elected there could be a turnaround at Sascoc. The first turnaround is the attitude and the second is to ensure we focus on the core business of Sascoc.”The election of a new board of Sascoc will be held on 28 March in Johannesburg.