MASERU – The gloves are off again in Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane’s Party All Basotho Convention (ABC) barely two weeks following a show of unityThabane’s son-in-law and party secretary-general Lebohang Hlaele has filed a Constitutional Court application challenging plans to appoint acting Chief Justice Maseforo Mahase.Hlaele and his allies have alleged that decisions like this one and the suspension of the police commissioner are imposed on Thabane by another faction of the party that makes him sign the letters.The move is likely to divide the party that’s attempting to nominate a successor for Thabane after he said he’s retiring.The constitution of Lesotho gives the Prime Minister executive powers to make statutory appointments by advising the king who is obliged to take that advice and if he doesn’t, the Prime Minister can act anyway.Thabane is reportedly planning to advise the king to permanently appoint Mahase.Such appointments have been challenged in the past but for the first time in the country’s history the challenge is happening before the advice is taken, and it comes from within the prime minister’s party.Hlaele wants the constitutional court to interdict Thabane from advising the king, and to interdict the king from taking the advice.He said Thabane has already announced his intention to resign and said Mahase was facing allegations of misconduct.The challenge could deepen divisions in Thabane’s ABC party again cause delays in the process of selecting his successor and extend the time to his exit.