CAPE TOWN – Former transport commissioner Melissa Whitehead has resigned from the City of Cape Town but she’s still suing Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson for defamation.Whitehead’s resignation on Thursday came after the city cleared her of all charges of corruption but found her guilty of two unknown charges.She’s been fighting with city bosses for over a year.Whitehead said she was bullied and victimised by the city administration. She claimed that this onslaught was aggravated by a media campaign to discredit her.In her resignation letter, Whitehead claimed the city worked relentlessly to paint her as corrupt. Whitehead was suspended after several accusations of improper conduct, most of which were contained in a forensic report.The investigation found suspected irregularities relating to a tender for electric buses by a Chinese manufacturer.She said she had worked her entire professional life towards addressing the inequalities and injustices in the country.Whitehead further claimed that the city was not committed to this cause which she discovered in her disciplinary process.While her legal team advised her to appeal the disciplinary findings against her, she decided to walk away.