CAPE TOWN – Former Proteas bowler Allan Donald said he was looking forward to the two bowling clinics that were going to be conducted with different age group fast bowlers in Bloemfontein.The former Proteas bowling coach reported for duty as a consulting coach for Free State Cricket and Knights this week.Donald will be based in Bloemfontein for October to help Knights and Free State Cricket fast bowlers.“Home will always be home, so to come back here to assist for a month is a great feeling. To be back with your people and back to where your cricket started is a lovely feeling,” said Donald.“I look forward to the two bowling clinics that we are going to do with different age group fast bowlers, I’m very excited to see what kind of talent we have in the schools’ system. Helping people is a long process and I have a month to make an impact, but it’s the small things that help change an individual’s mindset of what they are capable of. I am not very big on technique, I’m very big on the mental side of the game because bowling is much of an attitude, it’s a hard thing to do, it’s a tough thing to do, and I know what kind of attitude is needed to execute good bowling,”Besides working with Knights and the Senior Provincial team, he will be conducting coaching clinics for all fast bowlers that are going to represent Free State Cricket at various youth national weeks.