It’s an international break this week, so it’s an opportunity to breathe a little, rest a little and spend a bit more time with the family instead of obsessing about your transfers and wildcards.This week we get to know a bit more about the EWN Sport Fantasy Football squad. We talk about our best decisions and our failures, what we would do differently and the trains we wish we caught.Our top performer Jason Bechervaise has little to complain about. “It’s been a good eight-game week so far. My current points total is 461. I’ve still got a wildcard. I think this break is a time for reflection,” Jason says.EWN Sport Editor Adrian Ephraim is the “perennial underachiever” of this lot, but is ever the optimist, like a true Arsenal fan. “I’m in a race to the bottom, guys. My gut is constantly betraying me. But fortunately, I have company in Ashley (Muller). Look as an Arsenal fan, I’m used to having patience,” Adrian says.KFM presenter Mitch Matyana’s performance so far has been up and down – just like Man United. “I’m ranked 76th in the league. The past game week I managed to score 47 points for UnRealMadrid. Someone who saved me was Tammy Abraham,” says Mitch.Our technical producer Ashley Muller, like Adrian, has been getting it all wrong, pushing all the wrong buttons. “I’ve been pushing all the red buttons. I’ve seen red arrows for 6 straight game weeks. I made a couple of bad choices,” says Ashley.Things can only get better for Ashley, while EWN news anchor Wesley Petersen has been above average so far. “This season has been a challenge, mostly because of team value. The player market has been ridiculous. Values have been increasing too fast for me. I have already wildcarded, which has been which is a big mistake for me,” says Wes. “I stress daily about FPL.”With an international break, the guys discuss the merits of getting to spend more time not thinking about the game, but also the anticipation that builds when there’s no EPL action. “Normally a whole week seems like such a stretch,” says Mitch.So when is the best time to update your team when there’s an international break? There isn’t a right answer, says Jason, because sometimes it’s better to choose your team immediately with a fresh perspective.“I will tinker about 10 minutes before game week, I will have a look just in case,” says Wes. “But I don’t make the move, because if that last-minute decision doesn’t work, then it’s the worst.”Buyer’s remorse is a thing. But what would you say is your biggest mistake?“My wildcard, game week 2,” says Ash.“From the start, I chose the wrong team. I went in with the mentality that the big names and big teams from last season won’t do it again, like Salah. So, I went with the new guys. That was a big mistake,” says Mitch.Tell us what your strategy has been so far this season, and what your biggest mistake.Listen to the latest podcast here: out on previous episodes? You can catch up here: